A Romantic YouTube Music Playlist: For Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a playlist especially for Valentine’s Day, this could be the one for you. This playlist features three songs. They are all from Alex Genadinik and includes three songs which are all recently published on YouTube.

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The Playlist Link

If you watch the video immediately below, it will play the entire playlist in the order that we have it.

Enchanting Woman

Enchanting Woman is a sad song with a sad meaning. It is about someone who has had love and lost it. The woman has passed on to the next life and this is reflected in the words of the song. It talks of love letters in the clouds and this is what gives you the impression that she is no longer living in this world.

Alex has translated Oleg Pogudin’s song, Enchanting Woman, into English from his native Russian. In this post, we are going to review Alex’s version of Enchanting Woman in time for Valentine’s Day.

What is Enchanting Woman About?

Enchanting Woman is a song for Valentine’s Day. It is about having love, losing it and looking back at that lost love. Therefore, it is naturally quite a sad song. As someone who has been married for ten years, I know the importance of appreciating what you have. I have never taken my wife for granted. I am thankful to have her in my life every day.

What Are The Origins of Enchanting Woman?

The words for Enchanting Woman were originally written by the Russian poet, Oleg Pogudin and put to music by Bulat Okudzhava. There have been a couple of covers.

The Lyrics

Verse 1

My soul is taken by one majestic Lady her eyes show glimpses of a different world Where she inspires me to be elegant and tender The flowers dream to bloom as bright as her Where she goes it’s as though angels are

Verse 2

Singing with each of them plays golden harps She makes each note drift into in me and take root in my soul Blossom and let me feel her melody

Verse 3

When we’re apart, I write her letters in the clouds My smiles kiss her gently with sunlight When I feel breeze, I know she’s whispering to me But suddenly She went a different way

Verse 4

Maybe she still remembers me and thinks of me with favor. And so the heavens favor her for that. She probably still writes to me but postmen have grown old And long ago, all the addresses have changed. She probably still writes to me love letters in the clouds But I’ve grown old and can’t read clouds anymore.

What Instruments Are Used?

Apart from Alex’s guitar and vocal parts, you can also hear other instruments in the background. These are very subtle but include a cello and a clarinet. However, these are very quiet and Alex’s guitar and voice are the more prominent parts.

Georgian Song

Georgian Song is taken from Alex’s inspiration of Bulat Okudzhava. It is also known as The Grapeseed Song or Georgian Song.

Again, this is another sad song of unrequited love that is taken from Russian poetry and set to the guitar. Bulat played guitar and Alex is playing the guitar when he translates the Russian song into English. As it is now available in English, it has a much bigger appeal. Whereas there are 270 million Russian speakers in the world, there are 1.3 billion English speakers. This figure shows you how much more popular this song could become on a universal level.

Georgian Song is a beautiful, yet sad song about unrequited love. It has a lot of imagery in it and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Russian folk music songs of the 20th century. Just as the late and great, Bulat Okudzhava (who wrote Georgian Song) was considered to be one of the most popular Russian musicians of the last century.

The Lyrics of Georgian Song

English lyrics: A new grape seed will sprout in the warmth of my garden I’ll pick out the ripest bunch thinking of her And I’ll call all my friends and feel my heart open What else is the reason to live?

Come and gather, my friends, at the table I’ve laid out before you We’ll talk and take time to feel And when I turn away, I’ll imagine her glances Otherwise, what else is there to live for?

And all night I’ll listen to my Dali And my head will spin with her every breath With her every word, I’ll die sad and happy If not tenuous love, then what else is there to live for?

And when night falls and my mind faints slowly Every word will be like a cloud to sleep on I’ll believe that she’s mine, and all will be worth it And her love will be what this world is for.

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Instruments Used in Georgian Song

Just as in so many of Alex’s songs, the most prominent instruments in Georgian Song are his voice and his guitar. However, just as typical, are the subtle instruments in this song. It includes a keyboard. There is also a violin or a cello that comes in, in Verse 3.

Oh Michaelangelo

In this final song entitled Oh Michaelangelo, Alex compares the relationship he has with his wife, with that of Adam and Eve.

The work in the Sistine Chapel is a painting of God and Adam and God creating Adam as the first human being. Adam is really the one human being that connects the rest of us together. He is the forefather of forefathers. When you consider how many generations there have been since then and when you think about all the people who have been born since that time, there is a good possibility that you could be very distantly related to all your friends and even to your spouse. These are very distant connections though. It’s quite a thought.

Many artists from many different art disciplines find inspiration from the work of Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Not only musicians, but painters and poets have found inspiration in the work. Just as in Alex’s lyrics include, “Poets go mad describing the light you emanate”. This is a great line and you get a real sense of poets trying to do justice to Michaelangelo’s work.

Alex Genadink’s Song: Oh Michaelangelo

Throughout the Oh Michaelangelo song, Alexcompares his relationship with that of Adam and Eve. We know this because of the words, “I see my love and I”.

The Lyrics of Oh Michaelangelo

Verse One

Poets go mad describing the light you emanate For centuries they broke their quills, and now it’s my fate But I can paint you worlds with my caress So I touch the back of your shoulder as you undress


Ohhh Michaelangelo Painted God and Adam in the sky Ohhh Michaelangelo In the painting, I see my love-and-I

Verse 2

My fingers gliding along your silhouette You’re breathing with me — our souls have met Our eyes close as my fingers track New Sistine chapels along your back


Ohhh Michaelangelo Painted God and Adam in the sky Ohhh Michaelangelo In the painting, I see my love-and-I His brush didn’t show her glory I’ll guide his hand to repaint it with her and I in the story

And we surrender in ethereal sublime Where souls touch and forever intertwine With hearts in heaven while still on earth below We’ll paint the world better than Michaelangelo

Verse 3

Moments or centuries later — I open my eyes We levitated in our touch — I realize Each day in our flight I find new words to express That feel as though they were a caress

Instruments Used in Oh Michaelangelo

We have heard Alex’s guitar work before. However, in this song, he only sings the words. Other than writing the words, Alex also puts the video together and uses his YouTube expertise to bring the video to the world.

The instruments also include a piano, drums and electric guitar. Alex uses a highly-skilled group of musicians to assist in the production of this song. Therefore, it includes highly professional standards. The actual recording is also excellent.

Learn More About Alex Genadinik’s Music

You can read my review of Hannah’s Song by Alex Genadinik here. Thank you for reading this post about Oh Michaelangelo.

Please also feel free to check out Alex’s YouTube channel here. If you like the music, why not subscribe?

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