Enchanting Woman: A Song For Valentine’s Day Translated by Alex Genadinik

The words of Enchanting Woman were initially a poem by Russian poet, Oleg Pogudin. Since it was written Bulat Okudzhava has written music around those words. This is something the latter artist is known for.

Bulat died in 1997, but much of the work he did was setting poetry to music. He is a guitarist and you can see him perform in a video below.

The version of Enchanting Woman that Bulat initially wrote has been covered more than once. However, now Alex has translated it into English. Therefore, it is open to a much bigger audience.

According to Amazon Alexa, there are 260 million Russian speakers in the world. There are also 1.3 billion English speakers in the world. When you consider these figures, you see that Alex’s cover songs that he translated from Russian into English are open to a much bigger audience.

What is the Meaning of Enchanting Woman?

Enchanting Woman is a love song. It is about having love, losing it and realizing how precious that love was. It is a reminder to us all that we only have a set amount of time in this world. Therefore, we only have a set amount of time to love in our physical form.

The words come from someone who is sad because they have lost love. Perhaps, they took their relationship for granted. Many people do. However, it is vital to understand that we have one shot at life. So, we have to be thankful for everything we get and everyone in our lives.

The Lyrics of Enchanting Woman

Verse 1

My soul is taken by one majestic Lady her eyes show glimpses of a different world Where she inspires me to be elegant and tender The flowers dream to bloom as bright as her Where she goes it’s as though angels are

Verse 2

Singing with each of them plays golden harps She makes each note drift into in me and take root in my soul Blossom and let me feel her melody

Verse 3

When we’re apart, I write her letters in the clouds My smiles kiss her gently with sunlight When I feel breeze, I know she’s whispering to me But suddenly She went a different way

Verse 4

Maybe she still remembers me and thinks of me with favor. And so the heavens favor her for that. She probably still writes to me but postmen have grown old And long ago, all the addresses have changed. She probably still writes to me love letters in the clouds But I’ve grown old and can’t read clouds anymore.

Instruments Used in Enchanting Woman

In Alex’s version of Enchanting Woman, the most prominent instruments are his vocals and the guitar. However, there are a cello and a clarinet in the background. These latter two instruments are very subtle and don’t take major parts. They are just there to add something more to the music.

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