Valhalla Super Massive — Christmas Gift No 12

What is Valhalla Super Massive?

By the sound of the name, you might think it is a synth with thousands of presets. However, this is not a synth. Instead, we are looking at a delay and reverb plugin that creates massive reverb and delay sounds.

What Does It Sound Like?

The embed below is an example of what Valhalla Super Massive can create. As you can hear, it sounds pretty awesome. However, please remember that the actual synth is not what we are listening to. We are listening to the sounds of the acoustics and the delay (echo) sounds.


I recommend that you download this and give it a shot on your DAW. It would work with any DAW that plays VSTs — any DAW. The sound quality is extremely impressive and is well worth your time. The fact that it is free is a terrific bonus. The sound quality is better than some premium delay/reverb plugins. Another great aspect of this plugin is that it is both a reverb and delay. Many reverb plugins have the ability to create delay. Many delay plugins are also able to create reverb. The difference is that Valhalla Super Massive gives you full control of both. Therefore, this makes it a must-have for any serious electronic musician.

Where Can You Get Valhalla Super Massive?

You can pick up a free copy of Valhalla Super Massive right here. This link leads directly to the Valhalla website and you can pick up the plugin for Mac or Windows here. It does not specify about system requirements such as Windows 10, Mac 10.7, etc. Therefore, I would presume that there is an available plugin for any operating system you may be running on your system.

2021 Plans for

I will be publishing new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This starts this coming Friday where I will be giving you a rundown of every plugin in this Christmas series. I am also working on a new book so that you can get maximum results and reach your maximum potential with your music marketing.



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David Verney


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