Spotify Just Deleted 750 Thousand Songs: My Thoughts and Reaction

I was worried when I first heard that Spotify deleted 750 thousand songs. My first reaction was to see if any of those tracks were mine. I had to check to see whether any of those were mind. My songs were not included. I am thankful for that.

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I discovered that it was because people were gaming the system. They were paying for playlist placement. There are better ways to build your Spotify image and in the video above, Damien Keyes explains what we should be doing. Therefore, you won’t make the same mistakes.

You can find our Spotify profile here.

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Why Spotify Deleted 750 Thousand Songs and What They Want?

Basically, the video explains that it comes down to quality. They are not scrapping your music on the quality of the music, but on the quality of the data. If you buy Spotify plays from anyone, it is not a good thing.

Additionally, if one of your tracks gets loads of people listening to a little bit of it. Are people listening to the whole track? Are they listening to the track right through? If they don’t like your track, and click away, you will be skipped. Spotify doesn’t like this.

Furthermore, if you are attracting fans with completely contrasting demographics, then it shows that you are not bringing in real fans. For instance, if a stream comes from a Dutch, male, 18-year-old, Armin Van Buuren listener and another stream comes from a 65-year-old, Peruvian, Andrea Bocelli fan, you are not targeting any particular type of music fan.

What Can You Do About It?

Damien does specify a variety of ways that you can build a proper following on Spotify. In so doing, you are building a proper fanbase. You need to target people who are more interested in the genres that you create in. If you create trance music, then there is nothing wrong with targeting Armin Van Buuren or Tiesto listeners. Alternatively, if you create music that is more like Ralph Vaughan Williams, there is nothing wrong with targeting fans of Dvorak, Gustav Holst, etc.

My Conclusion About Why Spotify Deleted 750 Thousand Songs

Initially, I was mortified. Why would they delete that many songs? Once I had watched the video, I understood completely. I am afraid that the music industry is as corrupt as any other industry. Some artists employ despicable strategies. It is just as bad with having all these explicit songs in circulation. The latter really disgusts me. The fact that a song can be more popular because there are swear words really shows where this world is going and it is not a pretty picture.

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This post was initially published on my blog at If you would like to read this post, please click here.

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