Music As a Business: How to Make Money Making Music

Music as a business model is perhaps, the most appealing opportunity for young people and especially those leaving education to look for employment. However, it eludes most people. Many people will consider that music is a pipe dream. Therefore, they end up working in some office job that does not match their passion.

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As a music blogger, music as a business for me is something that I choose to do. I have found that I don’t have the pressures on me that most people face. It is normally, “Get a job doing this or else…”. Well, that is not me. As a music graduate from the University of West London, my careers officer knows how important it is for me to get a job doing something that matches my passion. Therefore, she is allowing me to follow music as a career path.

If you are in business, it is vital to build a business plan. A business plan enables you to know where you have come from, where you are now and where you want to go in the future. This document will enable you to know the exact aspects of your business that you should be focusing on.

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