Komplete Start by Native Instruments: Freebie Friday, 4th December 2020

David Verney
2 min readDec 4, 2020


This one really should have made our Christmas list. However, this is one treat you will not have to wait for. Komplete Start by Native Instruments is, believe it or not, completely free of charge. Today, we give you access to it. So, enjoy it.

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What is Komplete Start by Native Instruments?

Komplete Start by Native Instruments is another collection. Therefore, you get multiple different softsynths as a part of this deal. Furthermore, this comes with the Native Instruments usual high standards of workmanship.

So What is Included in Komplete Start by Native Instruments?

The following instruments and effects come with Komplete Start. Please note that this may have changed by the time you read this post. These kinds of collections normally increases by the time you can get to access it.

Here is What You Get in Komplete Start by Native Instruments…

Blocks Base

This is a modular synth with around 30 different modules. Hence the name, blocks. This means you have many racks and combinations of sounds to play with. This on its own would be worth a place on Freebie Friday.

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Expansions Selection

This is a curated collection of sounds from the Expansions range and is also available on Komplete Kontrol. Komplete Kontrol is Native Instruments range of MIDI keyboards.

Guitar Rig 5 Factory Selection

This is a collection of effects for use with a guitar. Whether or not you actually need your own guitar is something unclear as I haven’t used it. However, as it is completely free of charge, it is well worth downloading to find out.

Guitar Rig 6 Player

Again with Guitar Rig 6 Player, I am unsure whether or not you need a guitar. You may also be able to control the guitar with a MIDI keyboard. This is another bunch of effects and amplifier simulation.

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