How to Plan The Perfect Music Marketing Strategy With Social Media

Although social media suggests ideas of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, there are more sites for your music marketing plans. In this post, we look at your music marketing plan and I hope to give you some ideas that you may, either have never heard of, or have never considered when building your music marketing plan.

The Traditional Social Media Sites For Music Marketing

Although, later in this post I am going to show you some different sites, let us start with the traditional ones.

Facebook and Your Music Marketing Plans

With well over 100 million users per day, you can’t ignore Facebook. That figure also means that whoever you are trying to target, you can get them on Facebook. Here, I will give you some tips for your music marketing plan with Facebook.

  • Create your own Facebook fan page. This will allow you to effectively share your content and also generate likes.
  • Share a wealth of different formats of content on your Facebook page.
  • You should also pay something to build a campaign to generate Facebook likes. Likes can cost anything from one penny upwards. Facebook will also work to get you the best deal for your money.
  • Join as many musical Facebook groups as possible. From there, you must also react to other posts, comment on other members’ posts, and generally interact with other group members.
  • Build your own Facebook group. This should be a private members-only group where you can invite people who are actively sharing your content. This is known as your inner circle. The idea of an inner circle group is for members to share one another’s content. Krannaken has an inner circle group, but I must confess that we haven’t used it as much as we should.

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