How to Make a Track Walkthrough Video on Camtasia

This video, taken from my forthcoming Udemy course on how to make money with your music, shows how you can make a track walkthrough video with Camtasia. This video will then be uploaded to YouTube and you can use it in your We Make Dance Music product listings. To learn more about our course on how to monetize your music and other related music marketing courses, please go to Learn More About the Courses Get LoopCloud 6 — Get Your Free Copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2022 — Krannaken Music Marketing Podcast Connect with Krannaken on Tumblr Be the Next DIY Rock Star Facebook Group #musicmarketing #musicbusiness #musicindustry #musicbiz101 #musicbusin

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David Verney

Author of Complete Guide to Music Marketing, music blogger, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. Graduate from UWL, husband and father.