Helix by Audjoo — Freebie Friday — 15th January 2021

What is Helix by Audjoo?

Helix is a unique synthesizer-plugin with an exceptionally high sound quality. Audjoo boast that it is a higher quality sound than its competitors.

Listen to Helix by Audjoo

I have embedded a SoundCloud playlist of demonstration sounds that are created by Helix. You can listen to how good the sound is by listening to the track below…

Why Would You Want to Download Helix by Audjoo?

The main oscillators of Helix allow you to pick from hundreds of included waveforms, or load your own. Each waveform can also be further bent and warped by two sets of controls. The difference from other, similar plugins, is that the two wavetables can make unique sounds that cannot be made in any other wavetable synthesizer.

“This is a synth of singular style and class”

“A superb synth, boasting in-depth programmability and a sound to rival any other, Helix has got us in a spin!”

Testimonials provided by Computer Music Magazine, Issue: 134. Computer Music gave Helix a score of 9/10.

System Requirements

Helix is available in both VST and Audio Unit (AU) plugin formats. If you use a good DAW, you will have no trouble in adding Helix to it..

Where Can I Download Helix by Audjoo?

You can download Helix right here.

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