DVS Saxophone: Have Fun Jamming With This Free VST

This week’s freebie is a lot of fun to play with. It is a realistic-sounding saxophone and just as with all other Freebie Friday products, DVS Saxophone is 100% free.

This post is taken from my blog at Krannaken.com. To read the original post, please click here.

Although it is most notably known for its jazz roots, the saxophone can fit into other genres. You could quite easily use the sax in EDM, rock or blues. Gary Moore’s blues track, Parisienne Walkways, could quite easily feature a saxophone rather than Moore’s guitar. The sax is also known for its role in Baker Street.

What Does DVS Saxophone Sound Like?

The DVS sax sounds very realistic. The realism makes this well worth the time required to download and play with it.

DVS saxophone is a pleasure to play. If you are looking for something fun to jam along to other music with, this is highly recommended.

What are the Features of DVS saxophone?

The VST includes these features…

  • Two dials for reverb. This includes depth and size. The reverb sound is very nice and it can make your track also sound very atmospheric.
  • The third dial on the graphical user interface is for volume. This is an interesting addition. As a regular user of FL Studio, I tend use the channel rack volume dial which is used when gain staging. As well as using the channel rack volume dial, I also mix with the mixer window. Therefore, actual on-board volume controls are really unnecessary.
  • The first toggle switches are for vibrato and expression. These are two articulations which effect the way the saxophone will sound.

Overall Conclusions

The overall conclusions of DVS saxophone are that it is a lot of fun to play. If you are looking for a plugin that will be fun to mess around with, this is your ticket. However, the fact that it is free of charge leaves you feeling that perhaps it would be an even better sound quality if it was premium. If this was a premium plugin, it would be a real contender for best mixes.

In order to find this plugin, I auditioned several before deciding on today’s Freebie Friday. I considered what I could say about this plugin. I love the sound of a good saxophone and this one sounds good, but it could be even better if there were more articulations.

The reverb sounds beautiful on this sax and this makes the plugin more fun to use.

How to Access DVS Saxophone

You can download this plugin here.

Here is a Video About DVS Sax…

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This post is taken from my blog at Krannaken.com. To read the original post, please click here.

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