Blue Trolley: A Russian Folk Song Translated by Alex Genadinik

The Lyrics of Blue Trolley

When I lose the strength To bare all this pain When I feel despair coming on I hop on the last Last subway train Deep into the night

The Translation of Blue Trolley

The original song is below…

The Meanings of Blue Trolley

The blue trolley was a bus that travelled across Moscow. The song is also very sad and melancholic. The trolley bus in Moscow is the last place you would expect to find solace and refuge. However, that is exactly where the writer of the song is referring to.

Learn More About Alex Genadinik’s Music

You can read my review of Hannah’s Song by Alex Genadinik here. Thank you for reading this post about Blue Trolley.

Learn More About Alex’s Other Projects

Alex is a also highly-experienced businessman. He has developed over 130 courses on Udemy. So far, these courses brought in over 300,000 enrolments. Courses are mainly about business-related subjects. Alex is also able to coach or mentor you if you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur.



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