Song Against Gun Violence

Yesterday, we saw the third anniversary of the Parkland School Shootings. On 14th February, 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17 students and staff at his former school,

Why a Song Against Gun Violence?

Magic Dandelion is an attempt to understand Cruz and others like him who commit crimes like this all over the world. The song offers alternative interpretations of the meaning behind the shootings, why they happened and how we can think of the perpetrators.

It wasn’t Cruz’s fault that he lost his parents. He was a very disturbed young man and he needed an avenue to put all of his built up emotion into. That avenue turned out to be the shooting of 34 people and the deaths of 17 of them.

With the words of Magic Dandelion, Alex offers that alternative viewpoint. The sound of the music just brings that viewpoint more attention as it is a very well written song and people will appreciate that. The song is not sad, depressing and negative. Neither is it a really jolly, happy song. It is simply an alternative understanding of the people caught up in it.

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What Actually Happened on the Day of the Massacre?

Evidence against Cruz was overwhelming. He has hundreds of pieces of evidence, plus dozens of eye-witness accounts of him with the guns. He was arrested just one hour later.

Cruz faces the death penalty after murdering these people. The murdered people included 14 other students and 3 members of the school staff. However, a further 17 people were injured in the process.

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A Video About the Parkland Shootings…

What Can You Do About Gun Crime?

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