10 Interesting Spotify Facts You Are Just Dying to Know

I remember when I first discovered Spotify. My brother-in-law introduced me to it several years ago. Right now, all my music is streamed and I use Spotify as a distribution channel for my music. In this post, I give you 25 interesting Spotify facts you are just dying to know.

In order to do this post and bring you the most burning questions, I have used Quora, Google and my own keyword research to find these facts.

Interesting Spotify Facts №1 — How Does Spotify Make Money?

Spotify makes money in two ways.

Firstly, there are paying premium members. There are roughly 141 million Spotify premium users. Therefore, Spotify receives at least £1.4 billion in the total monthly income. However, a lot of those have family memberships. That is an additional 50%. For instance, we pay £14.99 for our family membership.

There is also a freemium membership. This is free to the listener. However, this segment (which makes up the other 50%) generates money for Spotify through advertising. Therefore, 145 million people have to put up with advertising.

Therefore, there are 286 million Spotify listeners in total.

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